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The Downtown Exchange is a vibrant project in Zanesville, Ohio combining food vendors, private meeting & coworking space, business offices and downtown revitalization.

The Downtown Exchange - Jupiter Bar

Family friendly, neighborhood bar located inside of The Downtown Exchange.

The Downtown Exchange - Chapman's Coffee House

Our aim is to get great coffee into our customers homes who haven’t broken into the specialty coffee market. Our niche is coffee that is better than anything available at your local grocery store, but still cheaper than most specialty online coffee shops and boutique coffee roasters.

The Downtown Exchange - Woods Meats

What an amazing opportunity for Downtown Zanesville, a real butcher for quality meats, cold cuts, cheese, sandwiches and more!

The Downtown Exchange - DTX WRX - CoWorking, Private Meetings and Office Space

Connect, Collaborate & Complete! DTX WRX offers private & public working spaces, conference rooms, collaboritive areas and more. AV connections available.

The Downtown Exchange

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